Unity Government and Peace Plan Issues

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for praying for Israel, and the U.S.'s alliance in the Middle East.

Pls pray for the new "unity" government.  The two factions are not getting along and conflict often when making decisions.  

Pray for God's will concerning Pres. Trump's peace plan, which offers the Palestinians 70% of Judea and Samaria.  Should he withdraw the plan (does it offend God, dividing the land God promised to Israel; Joel 3:2)? Should he & Israel move quickly to enact the plan, so that Israel would get their 30% quickly and the vacillations would stop?

Pls pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu.  He has been a great defender of Israel.  However his popularity polls have suffered as Covid-19 has flared up again in Israel.  Pray it would stop afflicting people there, in the U.S., and around the world. 

Pray for Israel, the U.S., India and other allies to open up quickly and wisely so that we can survive and thrive.  

Pray that households would get their income-earning jobs back and be able to have food on the table, be able to go to religious services, afford needed medical care, etc.

Pray our economies would quickly revive and that we could bring home our industrial production, instead of being dependent on too much out-of-country production, especially in China.  We need strength to defend our nations and keep our freedoms.

Pray for true Covid-19 statistics and data to be made available to decision makers as well as the public, here and in Israel.  How many of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 are really due to it?  What exactly is it? Is it any worse than the seasonal flu, if you catch it?  Why is there a "war" on hydroxychloroquine/z-pac/zinc, which seems to knock it out quickly?  Etc.  

Pray about the new alliance between Iran and China, that it would quickly fall apart, and that China would not be able to penetrate the Middle East on behalf of Israel's enemies.  This alliance makes necessary a whole set of prayers to protect Israel and the U.S. and allies: 

   Pray that Iran would not be able to get nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

   Pray that the recent spate of mysterious explosions at Iran's military-industrial complexes would continue successfully, and set back Iran's nuclear development greatly.

   Pray that China would not station forces in Iran that would be a "tripwire" against Israeli or U.S. military action against Iran.

   Pray that the U.S. would successfully initiate the "snapback sanctions" against Iran utilizing this provision of U.N. Resolution 2231.  This is needed to prevent Iran from being able to buy conventional weapons internationally after October, when the JCPOA international nuclear deal expires.

   Pray that Israel and the West would resist doing technological, academic, infrastructure and industrial projects with China.  Pray that projects with Chinese firms would be replaced with projects with U.S. firms. 

   Pray our allies would say "no" to China's 5G cell phone systems.

   Pray Israel and our allies would say "no" to investment and technology sharing with China.

   Pray that India would see the tentacles coming at her from China, and really ally herself with the U.S. & Israel, technologically and militarily, to all of our mutual benefit,

   Pray India would pull back from Russia, which is becoming economically dependent on China.  Pray Russia would not ally with China and Iran any more.

   Pray for salvation of all the peoples of these nations!

Thanks for praying!  Thanks for caring!