Welcome to the web site for the ministries of Messianic House of Prayer. We are a Messianic Jewish congregation in the south suburbs of Chicago, meeting continuously since 1992. We want to be a house of prayer for all nations, as described in Isaiah 56:7, as a place where all people can come to worship God the Father, Yeshua (Jesus) the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We keep the Jewish outlook so that, in particular, Jewish people can come and be comfortable. And, non-Jewish believers can learn the Jewish roots of the faith and live it out.

We have resumed live services.  However, please do not attend if you are sick, have a cough or a temperature.

We also have the service via Zoom for those who cannot attend in person.  Please contact us if you want to get the email giving the link to the Zoom meeting.  Hope to see you, one way or the other!

The scope of this ministry extends to several different areas.

Publishing – We have published a few illustrated children’s books from a Messianic Jewish perspective, as well as a fictionalized autobiography. We have published these books under the name Messianic Family Publishers, and formerly under the name Association of Messianic Home Educators (AMHE). We also sell other Messianic material to educate regarding Messianic Judaism.

Israel Prayer Updates – Every several weeks as needed, we distribute an email covering prayer topics regarding Israel, America, and the strategic situation in the Middle East. You can see some of the recent emails if you click on Israel Updates. And you can sign up to get these emails if you send us an email requesting this, with your name and preferred email address. Click here for our contact information.

Education – We encourage parents to provide Bible-believing education for their children We particularly promote God-honoring home school or private school for all students, grades 1-12. Public education is becoming very dark and is deeply entrenched in indoctrinating children contrary to Scripture. Too often, public schools prepare children to tolerate and engage in wickedness. Please, please either home educate or find a Bible-believing private school. There are on-line options to assist in home education, if you wish.

We are an outreach of Temple Shalom Yisrael in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, under Messianic Pastor Paul Helle.

Happy reading!