The Government in Israel and the U.S.

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

Please pray for a good outcome in the elections in the U.S.  The two candidates are so different in how they would treat Israel.  Trump is helping Israel as a priority ally. Biden would revert to the Obama administration's emphasis on helping Iran.  He would dump Israel to the status of a grudging ally and a dead weight on America. 

No wonder 75%+ of Israelis want to see Trump re-elected, from what one source said.

Helping Iran is not helping America.

The two candidates have different perspectives on helping the unborn, as well.  This impacts Israel and all of the world, for that matter, due to America's influence. Trump protects the unborn and de-funds abortion providers from government funds as much as he can.  Biden would help promote abortion here & abroad, a tragedy.

Please pray for Israel, whose government is divided and having trouble accomplishing anything.  Prime Minister Netanyahu, leader of the Likud Party, distrusts the Blue-and-White Party for everything, like fear of leaks of secret negotiations, etc.  And they distrust him, too; for example, he did not follow through on his promise to them, to make a two-year budget and would only plan a one-year budget.

They still cannot agree on the budget!   The deadline was extended to Dec. 25, 2020.  Pray for God's will.  Perhaps it is God's will for new elections (the fourth in about two years!).  Pray for His leading, and a functioning govt. one way or the other, the sooner the better.

Pray for Coronavirus to be eradicated in Israel & America, and for the rest of the world to be relieved of it too.  

Pray for our economies, which are hurting, while China is bounding ahead.  Strategically, this is sure bad.

There is word that perhaps Iran will tell Hezbollah (in Lebanon)  to attack Israel, after the U.S. election.  Pray for this to be held back.  Pray that Lebanon would be able to eliminate Hezbollah's influence there.

Pray for wisdom for Israel to know which peace treaties are good for Israel, and not all the ones that the U.S. sets up. 

Pray that the U.S. would not push Israel into land-for-peace, or money-for-peace, or weapons-for-peace agreements that are not good for Israel.

Pray for America to know what peace deals are good to make and which are not good to make and when to just keep out of it.

Pls pray for God's will about selling F-35 stealth fighters to the United Arab Emirates.  The UAE signed the peace agreement with Israel recently, but could become an enemy again in the future.  Or, a rogue pilot could fly an F-35 off to Iran or some other hostile country to give away all its secret technology.  Pray for adequate controls, if these are sold.  Could be disastrous.

Pray that Israel and the U.S. would be vigilant against all forms of attack, including EMP attack against all our power grid and electronics.

Pray for protection for America's top political and military leaders from all attempts at assassinations and attacks.

Pray for shalom and healing in society, in Israel and the U.S.

Thanks for praying, thanks for caring!