Peace Plan Questions and Coming out of COVID shutdown safely

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Pls pray for PM Netanyahu to make the right decision about whether to annex the 30% of Judea and Samaria that is inhabited by Jewish residents.  This was one of the provisions of the U.S. peace plan, giving Israel 30% and the Palestinians 70%.  It's doubtful that the Palestinians would meet the conditions to get the 70%, but will this be playing into the peace plan which should be abandoned because it is against God's plan and advocating what God directs us not to do, dividing up Jerusalem; or is this being used by God to get Israel more land right now since it's likely the Palestinians won't get the other part anyway?      

Pls pray for the new government in Israel.  It is a troubled "unity government" of the Likud Party (led by P.M. Bibi Netanyahu) put together with  its competitor, the Blue & White Party (led by Benny Gantz, who will rotate to be the next P.M. in 18 months).  However, many divisions still remain, and may cause a split up.  So far, the main disagreement is what to do about the offer to "annex" the 30% of Judea and Samaria that is inhabited by Jewish residents.  Bibi says yes, Gantz says not until certain Arab states approve, especially Egypt and Jordan.  Benny probably does not want to do it, due to a lack of conviction that God gave Israel this land, and a fear of world reaction.

Pls pray for God to guide each man's position. 

Pray for them to be born again!  

Pray for good, Godly wise government to be in place in Israel - and in the U.S. also, for that matter!

MAINLY, pray that Israel and the U.S. would come up with a conclusion that God wants, not what man wants.  What is pleasing to God?

(Some, like Intercessors for Israel, say Israel should expand a bit at a time.  Some, like Bill Koenig, say it is a terrible affront to God because it advocates a Palestinian state on the land God gave to Israel, and that the U.S. is being judged already because of this plan.  See his chronology of judgments at  But the Palestinians won't get a state in the remaining 70% unless they become truly peace-loving.  And that is not about to happen, at least not in the time frame of this plan! So they won't end up owning Israel's land.)  

Does this plan please God, or is it an affront that He is judging us for?  I suspect He is not pleased, because it does hold out the promise of a Paletinian state.

Pray that either Trump would withdraw the plan if God wants it withdrawn; or that it would work out well if God wants Israel to get the 30% for now and won't have to ever give away the 70%.


Pls pray against the gathering of witches planned at the Western Wall tomorrow morning, Sunday June 21, at 6 a.m. Chicago time.  They want to pray for a one world government which they say will solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Pray their spells and prayers will be nullified.  Pray for protection for us as we wage spiritual warfare.


Pls pray for the U.S. and Israel to come out of the Wuhan Virus shutdown safely and quickly.  Pray for our economies, and those who have lost their income due to the shutdown.  Pray that we can revitalise our industrial base and not be dependent on China.  Pray that we can continue to deter our enemies, like China, 

Russia, Iran & N. Korea, from attacking America, Israel, and/or their neighbors.  Pray for protection for India, in particular, against attacks by China.  And pray for S. Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan for protection from China.  

Pray that the U.S. will be strong and be able to be used by God to spread the Gospel, and freedom to worship the true God, around the world.

Pray we, and Israel, will know the plans of our enemies like Iran, and know what to do to thwart them.  

   For Israel to destroy Iran's ability to stay in Syria.  

   For Iran not to be allowed to develop nukes.  

   For us not to be distracted from watching Iran and the other enemy nations, by all the issues flaring up internally at this time. 

Pray for a spiritual Great Awakening in the U.S. and Israel, so that divisions and old hurts will be healed, and so that violence and revolution will be ended.

We need to wage spiritual warfare concerning those enemies who seem against us -  "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities..." (Ephesians 6:12).  Ask God's protection as you rebuke evil demons in the name of Yeshua (Jesus).  Ask for God's intervention, and for Him to send His angelic forces to successfully expel these demons from their areas of influence.  We don't speak directly to angels, because they get their directions from God (Ps. 103:20-21).  But we can ask God to send them.  And we can ask God to intervene to open up the eyes of all the leaders and populace of these nations, to recognize Yeshua, be saved, and turn from their wicked ways.

Thanks for praying, thanks for caring!